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Consulting Services

I have a number of clients on my own as well as through my consulting team Terra Genesis International, an international permaculture team specializing in perennial, carbon-sequestering agriculture business development. We have clients in Asia, the Caribbean, and the U.S.

I have provided NGO clients like Nuestras Raices with project development, strategic planning, capacity-building, and grantwriting services. I’ve co-developed and delivered an intermediate farm business curriculum for the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. I’ve researched indigenous land management practices and written a publication (read an excerpt) for the Woodbine Ecology Center. I’ve also done design and species selection work for private landowners and other designers.

Here are a few examples of my  design work:

Riparian Eco-Cultural Restoration. Woodbine Ecology Center, Sedalia, CO

Restoration of indigenous management practices and native ethnobotanical species. Half acre scale. Eric Toensmeier role: design course instructor, lead researcher and designer, developed management plan. Spring 2012.


Ethnobotanical Rain Garden. Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Occidental CA

Rain garden with runoff-harvesting contour basins. Over forty California native ethnobotanical species including food, medicine, and fiber plants. Quarter acre scale. Eric Toensmeier role: design course instructor, lead participatory design process. Planted fall 2011.


Rak Tamachat Demonstration Farm. Korat, Thailand

Master plan for ecological agriculture operation and training center, fifty acre site. Eric Toensmeier role: advise lead designer on livestock integration, sustainable aquaculture, ecological rice production techniques, edible landscaping. Implementation began fall 2011.


145 Brown Avenue Edible Landscape. Holyoke, MA

Edible landscape with over two hundred species of  useful perennials on 1/10 acre, including 50+ edible natives. Restored urban lot to ecological health and productivity. Eric Toensmeier role: lead designer, co-manager of site 2004-present.

Nuestras Raíces Farm. Holyoke, MA

Master urban farm site plan for urban agriculture organization. Thirty acres, includes cultural agritourism destination, restaurant and farm store, and farm plots leased to immigrant and refugee farmers. Eric Toensmeier role: lead community design process, implement design. Implementation began fall 2004.


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