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My new publication on breeding oaks for food

I’m pleased to release my new publication, The Status of Oak Breeding and Domestication as Food for People and Livestock. It profiles breeders, “crop champions” of oak domestication, and lists improved cultivars. While it mostly describes work in the US, I provide an update on Spain and South Korea as well, both of which are hotspots. I interviewed a number of experts which provides rich detail hard to find anywhere else. If you’d like to learn more about trees, including improved oaks, that provide starch, protein, and oil, check out my workshop on perennial staple crops, October 13-15 2023 at my new farm in Massachusetts, USA. And if you’d like to support me to continue this kind of writing, you can become a micro-funder on patreon. The oak publication is free and licensed under creative commons so feel free to share it widely.