Plant & Seed Sources

Plant and Seed Sources

ONLINE PLANT FINDERS – these can help you track down hard-to-find species.

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Agroforestry Research Trust
Incredible selection of useful woody and perennial plants.

B & T World Seed
35,000 species are varieties!

Cutting-edge breeders of nuts for “woody agriculture”

Baker Creek
Awesome heirlooms.

Conservation Seeding and Restoration
Western US natives

One of the world’s finest collections of useful plants for the tropics, with free seeds available for development projects. Also a fantastic nursery of fruits and perennial vegetables in Florida.

Edible Landscaping
Fruits and nuts for cold climates.

Edible Plant Project
Awesome community nursery of subtropical useful species.

Evergreen Y.H. Enterprises
Asian crops.

Fruits, tubers, and seeds for cold climates.

Florida Bamboo Company
Clumping subtropical bamboos.

Food Forest Farm
Perennial vegetables, nitrogen fixers and more for cold climates.

Fungi Perfecti
Fungi for food, medicine, and restoration.

High Mowing Seeds
Organic seeds.

J. L. Hudson Seedsman
“Native species from around the world”.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Great selection of annual and perennial seeds.

Kitazawa Seed
Asian vegetable seeds.

Las Canadas Huerto de Semillas
Biodynamic heirloom seeds grown in Mexico.

Las Canadas Vivero de Plantas Utiles
Excellent Mexican nursery of permaculture species including air potato.

Las Pilitas
Great selection of California natives.

Logee’s Greenhouse
Dwarf tropical fruits for greenhouse production.

Native Seed Search
Crops of the Southwest, bred for centuries by Native people for drought resistance.

Nolin River Nut Nursery
Specializing in grafted nut trees.

Oikos Tree Crops
Incredible collection, many improved varieties of US native edibles. Also wide selection of hybrid oaks for acorn production.

One Green World
Fascinating cold hardy fruits from around the world, especially former Soviet Union.

Prairie Moon Nursery
US and Canadian native prairie species.

Prairie Nursery
US and Canadian native prairie species.

Raintree Nursery
Great selection of cold-hardy fruits and nuts.

Rhora’s Nut Tree Nursery
Nut trees specializing in nut pines.

Richters Herbs
Incredible selection of medicinal and edible plants for all climates.

Tripple Brook Farm
Fantastic selection of cold-hardy useful species, from perennial vegetables to hardy bamboos.

USDA Germplasm Collection
Vast national collection, send free seeds for research projects.

Vivero Yautepec
Tropical fruit nursery in Mexico.

Wolf Seeds
International company specializing in tropical legume and forage species.


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