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To save the planet we may need to turn it into an edible paradise… and I’m writing a book that explains how and why. Check out my Kickstarter campaign and to learn about this hopeful solution to climate change and see who pledged to make it happen. Perennial and regenerative food production systems have tremendous potential to help stabilize global climate and provide fair access to food. These revolutionary techniques and species are unfortunately little known. is my effort to present the “fruit” my own and others’ research and experience. This approach is based in permaculture, a design system focused on meeting human needs while improving ecosystem health. Permaculture food production and land management systems can: • build soils and restore degraded lands • provide essential ecosystem services like habitat and rainwater infiltration • stabilize global climate through carbon sequestration • contribute to a just food system and self-determination for communities. is a home for the best resources I have found or created, from my own original writing and videos, to reports on my eight-year-old home edible forest garden and edible landscape, to links to the amazing online books and databases that I use most often. Learn more about my bio and resume, award-winning books and articles, workshops and presentations, and consulting practice. My blog features my latest thoughts on permaculture as a strategy for addressing global problems, reports on visits to cutting-edge demonstration sites, and updates from my own garden. View my videos, podcasts, and photos of permaculture plants and practices being used by communities around the world. You can also view content on perennial crops and techniques that stabilize the climate and build soils, North American indigenous land management techniques which provide a model for permaculture on a vast scale, and examples of ornamental and ecological edible landscaping for homes and institutions. The website features profiles of useful plants including links to online plant books and databases, and sources of plants and seeds. Check out permaculture solutions in practice including profiles of commercial permaculture farms, successes with urban permaculture, and financial permaculture: regenerative enterprise design and economic development through municipal scale permaculture design. Sign up for the newsletter, friend us on Facebook, network on Linked In or follow us on Twitter. Tambien tenemos recuros en Español. Soy bilingue y enseño cursos y tallers en Mexico, Guatemala, y comunidades hispanohablantes en los Estados Unidos.  Aprende mas de Quienes Somos, cursos en Español, y recursos de permacultura, bosque comestible y mas.

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