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Addressing Global Problems with Permaculture

Welcome to Here I’ll be profiling regenerative food
production practices that can feed us while healing degraded land, fighting climate
change by sequestering carbon, and addressing a host of other social and ecological
Some of these practices are well established and ready to implement on a massive
scale. Others are still under development and in need of investment to get them on
line as soon as possible.

“The climate crisis is an unparalleled opportunity to address, at long last, many
persistent causes of suffering and misery that have long been neglected and to
transform the prospects for future generations…” Al Gore, Our Choice

“We are facing several crises at once: declining oil reserves, ever more perilous
food security, and, of course, climate change. If we are to survive the twenty-first
century, we must find ways forward that address these issues simultaneously.” Tim
Flannery, Now or Never

I’ll be addressing multifunctional agricultural solutions to climate change as
keynoter of the Northeast Organic Farming Association Summer Conference August
12, 2011.