Edible Forest Gardens

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By Dave Jacke with Eric Toensmeier, published by Chelsea Green 2005.

Edible Forest Gardens: Vision, Theory, Design and Practice for Temperate Climate Permaculture.
An award-winning two-volume tome on ecology, design, and species for cold-climate food forestry. Volume One (Ecological Vision and Theory for Temperate Climate Permaculture) lays out the concept of food-producing gardens that mimic the structure and functions of the forest. Volume Two (Ecological Design and Practice for Temperate Climate Permaculture) is a handbook for designing and planting forest gardens, including information on over 600 useful trees, shrubs, perennials, and vines for cold climates.

The books received a Garden Writer’s Association Silver Medal (2005), American Library Association Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title (2005), and was nominated for the Council of Botanical and Horticultural Libraries Literary Award (2005).

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Reviews of Edible Forest Gardens

“Jacke and Toensmeier propose a garden where many species of edible perennial plants are grown together in a design that mimics forest structure and function… Edible Forest Gardens is an ambitious two-volume work whose influence should extend well beyond ecologists and permaculturists and, in the best of all outcomes, reach into the mainstream.”
– Patricia Jonas, Brooklyn Botanic Garden“…They succeed admirably in giving investigations into forest gardening possibilities the aura of a grand adventure—an adventure that could be hugely rewarding for backyard gardeners… we unreservedly recommend Edible Forest Gardens as a textbook for gardeners”
– Greg Williams, HortIdeas

…The book I will be keeping by me for the seasons ahead … is Edible Forest Gardens, by Dave Jacke with Eric Toensmeier. In its way, this book … offers a vision of the garden that reaches well beneath its aesthetic surface and into its ecological depths. It reminds us that whatever gardens are an oasis from, they can never be an oasis from the natural world or our own underlying economic needs.”
– Verlyn Klinkenborg, New York Times Book Review

“A tree de force! A must-have set of books for anyone serious about polyculture, integrated organic garden and landscape design, permaculture in the temperate zones and, of course, food forests. The charts of condensed information alone are worth the price of admission. The best book on these topics in years. Keep these books within arm’s reach at all times!”
– Robert Kourick, author of Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally


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