Permaculture Videos

Here are some of my original videos – please visit my youtube channel to see more.

Indigenous management

Perennial polyculture guidelines

Rocky Mountain Permaculture forest garden

Persimmon Polyculture


Here is a video series from my keynote of the NOFA conference:

Carbon Farming 1: Overview

Carbon Farming 2: Potential Impact

Carbon Farming 3: Regenerative Annual Systems

Carbon Farming 4: Regenerative Livestock Systems

Carbon Farming 5: Perennial Farming Systems

Carbon Farming 6: Perennial Staple Crops

Carbon Farming 7: Movement Building



Here are a few videos by others:

Chelsea Green Garden Tour Overview

KrisCan Interview.
KrisCan hosts an online show looking at peak oil and sustainability issues.
Here is her tour and interview of our garden in fall 2009 (with Spanish subtitles).

Ecological Landscape Association interview
Advice to gardeners on where to start with edible landscaping.

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