“Western Front” kale Paradise Lot strain


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“Western Front” is a Siberian-type kale that resembles “Red Russian”. This places it in the species Brassica napus, along with rutabega and the cold-hardiest kales. “Western Front” was developed by Tim Peters of Peters Seed and Research, as a perennial napus kale.  He informed us that 50% of seedlings were perennial in the Pacific Northwest US. Jonathan Bates and I got seed from Peters around 2001. None of our seedlings were perennial, with all of those that survived our Massachusetts winter being biennial types that flower in the second year. It may be that the perennial types are not able to survive our winters here (not all biennial seedlings survive here either). In the over 20 years since, we have saved seed and broadcast it along the edges of pathways in beds, where it germinates in the small gaps in the mulch. Thus this strain has been selected for suitability to edible landscape and food forest context, as well as for winter survival in USDA zone 6. As a biennial it has gone through over ten generations of selection for this semi-cultivation system. Flavor is tender and delicious and the plants are quite ornamental. 

A packet contains at least 50 seeds. Our recommendation would be to grow out your seedlings and collect seed in year two. At that point you will have more than enough to broadcast around your own landscape.  Contact us if you are interested in larger quantities.

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