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Upcoming workshops 2015-2016

May 29-June 7

Integrated Social and Ecological Design with Brad Lancaster and Pandora Thomas,

Woodbine Ecology Center, Colorado.


June 26-28

Edible Forest Gardens

Vermont Edible Landscapes, Vermont.


July 5-31

Ecological Literacy Immersion Program,(I teach three days)

Omega Institute, New York.


August 3-7

Carbon Farming: Practices and Perennial Crops to Sequester Carbon,

OAEC, California, Aug 3-7.


September through December

I will be teaching a full semester on “Carbon-Sequestering Agroforestry” at Yale this fall, for Yale students in the Masters of Forestry and Environmental Science program.


October 16-18

Subtropical Food Forests

Green Dreams, Spring Hill Florida.


March 6-15, 2016

Cultivando Carbono

Las Cañadas, Veracruz, Mexico.