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spring volunteer days at the farm

May 7              10am-1pm

May 13            10am-1pm

May 27            10am-1pm

June 3              10am-1pm

Hello all,

I’m scheduling a series of work days for this spring. Activities will include the following, but not sure in what order:

  • Planting 300 trees and shrubs in our back field agroforestry system. These are perennial staple crops like chestnuts, hazels, grafted walnuts and hickories and honey locusts and sweet oaks, seaberries and more. Plus lots of nitrogen fixing trees. It will involve planting trees, hauling compost and mulch, setting up tree tubes and labels, etc. Bring wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes. Irrigation will already be installed.
  • Planting 100 or so berries and lots of asparagus in the front yard, and preparing a vegetable garden. The berry understory will eventually be mown by geese. This will include some sheet mulching and planting into some grass that has been killed by tarps. Again wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes welcome. This may also involve collecting bedding and manure from our poultry operation.

Email me at toensmeier@gmail for address and details.

Hope to see you there, Eric